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Unleashing Your Holistic Health Business Potential: A Proven 7-Step Blueprint for Success

July 08, 20233 min read

Transforming Your Small Holistic Health Business: A Recipe for Growth

Have you ever thought about why some businesses, even in niche markets like holistic health, just seem to 'click' and explode while others struggle to get by? Well, I'm here to share some insights that'll help your small holistic health business flourish and gain traction in your market.

Step 1: Find Your One Thing

Picture your business as a unique puzzle piece, made to fit perfectly into a bigger puzzle. Your 'one thing'—your unique selling point—is that unique shape that lets you slot into the market perfectly. Let's take 'Harmony Holistic' for example. They realized they had something special with their fusion of traditional Chinese medicine and modern naturopathy, and they ran with it. That's their niche. You’ve got to ask yourself, what’s your 'one thing'?

Step 2: Get Online and Get Seen

There's this vegan café I love downtown, but guess what? I wouldn't know about it if they hadn't popped up on my Google search. Your business is the same. Having a website and mastering SEO will help you get noticed when potential clients are looking for holistic health options. And don't forget social media. It's your digital handshake, your conversation starter. Like that local personal trainer who always posts quick exercise tips on Instagram - that's his way of starting a conversation.

Step 3: Teach to Reach

Sharing your knowledge is a powerful way to connect. Think of it as the free sample booth at the grocery store. If people love the taste, they'll want the whole product. That's what 'Harmony Holistic' did. They started a YouTube channel where they share holistic health tips and explain the science behind their approach. It builds trust, showcases their expertise, and gets their name out there. So, what knowledge can you share?

Step 4: Find Your Tribe

Remember how everyone seemed to be wearing those 'Livestrong' wristbands at some point? It was all about being part of a tribe. The same goes for your business. Partner with other local businesses that complement yours. 'Harmony Holistic' teamed up with a local yoga studio for a wellness retreat. Both businesses got access to new potential clients and offered something extra to their existing ones. It's a win-win!

Step 5: Deliver the 'WOW'

It’s all about how you make people feel. Like walking into a fancy hotel lobby, and you're greeted by name, with a warm smile - that's the level of customer service we should all strive for. You can bet your clients will rave about their experiences to their friends. It's that old school, word-of-mouth marketing. Make people go "wow", and watch your business grow.

Step 6: Make Your Money Move

Take a leaf out of Netflix’s book. They started out renting DVDs, but now they're creating Oscar-winning films! Diversify your revenue streams. Can you add new services, run webinars, sell wellness products? This strategy could be your ticket to becoming the "Netflix" of the holistic health industry.

Step 7: Keep Learning, Keep Growing

We're all students in the school of life. For 'Harmony Holistic', their practitioners continue to learn and train, staying updated on the latest industry trends. It keeps their service fresh, innovative, and relevant - just like Apple with their ever-evolving tech. You have to ask yourself, what's your next level?

To sum it all up, your small holistic health business can bloom by finding your unique angle, getting online, sharing your knowledge, networking, delivering top-notch service, diversifying your income, and never stopping learning. It's a journey and every step takes you closer to your goal. Just remember, the 'Harmony Holistic' and the Netflix of today started just like you - small but full of potential. Stay on course, and you're destined for success.

If you would like a custom strategy to grow your business, schedule a discovery call with one of our team members here.

Paul Brand

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